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Watch a Preview of 'Eric Greenspan Is Hungry,' Premiering Tonight

The LA chef goes hunting for feral hogs.

Chef Eric Greenspan (of Los Angeles's the Foundry and the Roof on Wilshire) has a new show on the National Geographic Channel, appropriately titled Eric Greenspan Is Hungry. In the show, which premieres tonight (November 24), Greenspan travels the country "with his best friend and trusted sidekick, Captain Mauzner" to uncover American food traditions.

In the following clip, Greenspan and Mauzner go hog hunting in the wild, which the chef points out is a sustainable mode of meat sourcing. "Feral hogs are almost like a dream for us," Greenspan says of their fast reproductive cycle. "In order to maintain sustainability, there's limits to what you can take out; can't take out. But with hogs, you can go get 'em every day." Go, watch the clip above.

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