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Dunkin' Donuts to Open 63 New Locations in CA

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Dunkin’ Donuts can’t stop opening locations in California.


Dunkin' Donuts wants to make sure that all of California runs on Dunkin'. According to a press release, the chain plans to force feed the Bay Area Snickerdoodle Lattes and fake Cronuts by opening 63 new locations. Over the next several years, the greater San Francisco area, Palm Springs, and Bakersfield can expect an onslaught of stores, the first of which are expected to open in 2015.

The doughnut chain opened its first California locations in September in the Los Angeles area. The company is aiming to open 250 more locations across the state in the next few years, and more than 1,000 restaurants "over the long-term."

If the Bay Area openings are anything like the Dunkin' Donut openings in Los Angeles, Munchkin lovers should brace for long lines.

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