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Why Chef Albert Adrià Wants You to Be Afraid, Very Afraid

On vulnerability and creativity in the kitchen.

Here's a video of chef Albert Adrià's talk at this year's MAD4 conference in Copenhagen. Adrià — who is the little brother of famed Spanish chef Ferran Adrià —worked alongside his brother at elBulli in Spain before opening up a slew of restaurants in Barcelona. His funny and charming speech focuses on fear and its part in the creative process: Adrià creates his own definition of fear, calling it the "creative engine." He adds that "when you overcome your fear and transform it into a creative element, you get your dreams."

The famed chef goes on to reveal his own fears including that when elBulli closed, he was too afraid to open a new restaurant. So instead he opened a cocktail bar, a decision he now very much regrets. "You are never too old to be afraid. But when you overcome your fear, and when you transform it into a creative element, you [can achieve] your dreams."

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