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Chicago's First Food Museum Foodseum Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The group, which includes Hot Dog: A Global History author Bruce Kraig, hopes to raise $30,000.


Here's Kickstarter for a museum that would make for an actually fun middle school field trip: An innovative team has launched a campaign to raise money for the Foodseum, or Chicago's first food museum. They promise that the physical museum will be "completely dedicated to the education, celebration, and inspiration of food." This means  there will be interactive exhibits that showcase "local and international flavors," stories, and beyond.

First up is an exhibit all about tube meats titled "The Hot Dog and Encased Meat of the World," which will cover the history and evolution of encased meats. If hot dogs are your thing, a $50 contribution gets you a four-pack of tickets to see the exhibit. For $100, backers can receive an annual membership, which includes early access to the hot dog exhibit. Other perks include something called a "dancing food-gram" and invites to the Foodseum's opening gala.

The team is hoping to raise $30,000. Currently, they have $6,662 and the campaign has 31 days to go. If successful, the Foodseum will join the growing ranks of America's food-centric museum hopefuls, including New York City's Museum of Food and Drink which aims to open in 2019. Watch a video about the Foodseum below:

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