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Drunk Man Commits Felony to Get Out of Paying $9 Denny's Bill

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Hope the hash browns were worth it.


One reporter learned the hard way early Saturday morning that drinking, driving, and not paying your Denny's tab really do not mix. According to a police report, Terry Schmida — a reporter and Florida resident — hit up Denny's for some greasy goodness after a night of drinking. When he went to pay his whopping $9.23 bill, he could only produce a "stack of his business cards and a $5 bill."

Everything went downhill from there: Schmida told the manager that he was going to his car to get more money. She and another employee went outside with him, to ensure that they would receive the $4.23 owed. Instead Schmida decided it would be a better idea to drive away. He then allegedly accelerated his car into the manager, who flew on to his hood and then fell off on to the ground. (Unfortunately, he did not bring a cameraman with him to capture the scene.) Officers eventually stopped the drunk reporter and made him take a "field drunk-driving test" after he "fumbled with papers," and "mimicked the stance ofThe Karate Kid.'"

He obviously failed the test and, just in case the story couldn't get any worse, he was taken to jail where he was pepper-sprayed and tased for being "noncompliant." Schmida was charged with felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor drunk driving, and theft.

If/when Schmida gets out, perhaps he shouldn't celebrate with Denny's $300 breakfast special, which comes with a bottle of champagne.

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