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Woman Gets Restaurant's Logo Tattooed on her Hip for a Year of Free Curry

The tattoo is also supposed to represent her dad, who is a regular at the restaurant.

The woman with the curry tattoo (L).
The woman with the curry tattoo (L).
Shish Mahal/Facebook

There's no denying that people love free food. So much so, that they are willing to do strange (and regrettable) things for a complimentary meal. According to Metro UK, a 30-year-old woman named Beth Faulds got herself inked with the logo of a curry house in Glasgow, Scotland called Shish Mahal. She decided to get the tattoo after she found a Facebook post from the restaurant, promising "free curries to anyone who got a tattoo of the restaurant."

Faulds' father has been a regular at Shish Mahal for nearly 50 years. She got the tattoo in part so that her dad could have free curries for a year. Faulds had also been searching for the perfect tattoo to represent her dad, and this turned out to be it. She had the logo tattooed on her hip, next to the lilies that represent her mother.

Faulds is far from the first person to get inked for free eats. Last year, 25 people willingly got a branded pizza tattoo in exchange for "free pizza for life" from the Pi Pizza Truck in Houston. The year before that, the pizza truck convinced 22 people to get tattoos in exchange for free pizza.