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The Simpsons' All-Appetizer Restaurant 'Zerz Is Perfect

Could it become a reality?

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In the latest episode of the Simpsons, Moe has to shutter Moe's, Homer takes up the bass guitar, and Marg sneaks out for a girls' night at a restaurant brilliantly called 'Zerz. Its tagline? "America's All-Appetizer Restaurant." Clearly a dig at mid-level chains like Applebee's and Chili's where all-you-can-eat appetizers are the small plates of the early '90s, an advertisement for the imaginary chain heralds its "entree-sized appetizers."


Sadly, mid-way through the episode the Springfield Shopper announces that 'Zerz has filed for bankruptcy protection. A sub-hed in the paper states, "Concept Deeply Flawed." We beg to differ. Drinks and perhaps a plate of 'za 'Zerz at 'Zerz would be the perfect consolation to Homer's failed garage band — and the main focus of the episode — Covercraft. Though the cover band plays a set for the city's Cabbage Festival — which features caramel-covered cabbages and bumper cabbage cars — lead singer Apu steals the show.


Watch the full episode on Hulu Plus or with a cable login on Fox.

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