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South Dakota Residents Believe Starbucks Logo Makes 'Mockery' of Historic Building

There's a petition circulating to have it removed.


Citizens of Rapid City, South Dakota are not happy that Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks is invading their city. According to the Rapid City Journal, several residents are very angry that Starbucks decided to install a large, lit-up logo on the side of one of the city's most "well-known" and historic buildings.

CBS writes that residents feel that this sign — which is 12 feet in diameter — makes "a mockery" of the Hotel Alex Johnson. It inspired local Mark Wirtz to start a petition to have the sign removed. So far, the petition has gained over 270 signatures.

Starbucks recently took over the coffee shop in the historic hotel's lobby. The coffee chain had originally asked to have two signs put up on the hotel: The 12-foot logo in question and a second 300-square-foot sign. Starbucks was eventually denied permission to post the much larger sign by the city's Historic Sign Review Committee.

Regardless, the locals are angry. Perhaps a free round of holiday lattes would quell their anger?