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Watch the Nest-Spresso, an Egg Incubator, on SNL

Surprisingly, it works a lot like a Nespresso machine.

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Last Saturday night, the brilliant writers on Saturday Night Live introduced America to the Nest-spresso machine. When hipster homesteaders can't get their eggs to hatch into chicks, a neighbor invites the couple into her kitchen to learn about the machine that will change their lives forever. You may have heard of "Nespresso for a fast cup of coffee," says the smug neighbor, "This is Nest-spresso, for the instant incubation of a fertilized egg."

After popping a pod into the top of the coffee-like machine — incidentally, the pods look like they came out of Nespresso's new Verturo line — slide the knob over and press the incubate button. Presto! A fully formed baby chick pops out into the clear coffee mug below. A warning: "Make sure your put it in right side up instead of upside down or otherwise you'll kill the chick and you'll end up with a cup full of bones."

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