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Oh Great, TGI Friday's Mistletoe Drones Are Invading America

The potato skin hawkers are bringing their creepy #Togethermas promo to the U.S.

Your new TGI Friday's overlords.
Your new TGI Friday's overlords.

Don't worry, America: You won't be left out of TGI Friday's bizarro Yuletide drone campaign. The chain's UK division announced earlier this week that it had plans to fly mistletoe-wielding drones around its dining rooms, where they would hover over customers to harass them into kissing their dining companions (or something like that). Now AdWeek confirms that the drones will also be appearing in select U.S. restaurants, and that "couples captured kissing beneath it will receive gift certificates."

Is the promise of free loaded potato skins and fried green beans enough to make diners kiss someone who's been chowing down on a rib flight? Only time will tell.