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Russia's Largest McDonald's Reopens Following Months of Political Tension

Russia may not hate the McNugget pushers after all.

A McDonald's location in Moscow.
A McDonald's location in Moscow.

McDonald's has reopened its largest Russian restaurant following a months-long battle with the country's food safety watchdog group. The Chicago Tribune reports that Wednesday was the first day back in business for the Pushkin Square location in Moscow after it was shuttered back in August for alleged sanitation violations.

The chain's problems with Russia began earlier this year following growing political tensions between America and Russia over the conflict in Ukraine. In the wake of Western sanctions, the Russian government appears to be making an example out of the American fast food giant, ordering inspections on hundreds of restaurant outlets and shuttering several. The government denies that such actions are political in nature, citing supposed mishandling of food and sanitation violations for the shutdowns.

The Tribune deems the Pushkin Square reopening "an optimistic sign for a company trying to return to business as usual in the country." Russia is an important market for the Big Mac giant, accounting for nearly 10 percent of McDonald's global revenue.

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