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Watch Chef Niki Nakayama's Beautiful Plates Unfold at Los Angeles's n/naka

On the art of kaiseki.

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Chef Niki Nakayama, of Los Angeles restaurant n/naka, talks the Art of Plating through one of her beautiful 13-course tasting menus, which are based on the kaiseki style of cuisine. Nakayama refers to her take on the multi-course menu as a "modern" one, in which flavors and seasonings can branch away from the traditional Japanese style.
"We're allowed to be a little more flexible," Nakayama says, stressing that her philosophy is to showcase local ingredients. "We're doing kaiseki, yes — we're doing all the ideas of kaiseki, but within our environment."

Go, watch as beautiful scallop, oyster, and roe-laden plates emerge during the video above — don't miss the sauce-dispensing fountain pen.


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