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The Next Glass App Wants to Help You Find Beer and Wine That You Like

The app scans bottles to give you a score based on your preferences.

Next Glass

Want to branch out of your normal drinking routine and try something new? There's a new app called Next Glass that's aiming to help people do just that. According to Business Insider, the app scans wine and beer bottles and presents you a score based on preferences determined by previous ratings. It also gives you the calorie count and alcohol by volume.

To gauge your preferences initially, the app will ask you to rate a handful of beer and wine bottles. (According to its founders, the more you rate bottles, the "smarter" Next Glass becomes.) Then, all users have to do is find an interesting-looking bottle, launch the app, and hold up the bottle to a smartphone camera. Using augmented reality technology, the the app calculates the data "on the fly," and the rating and calorie numbers will "hover near the bottle's image in the app."

Currently, the Next Glass has over 23,000 bottles of beer and wine in its inventory. Business Insider notes that while it probably won't recognize every bottle at your local wine shop or your "bartender's private collection," it will recognize most wines and beers at the grocery store. The app is now available for Android and iOS. Check out a video about the app below:

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