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Finally, a Drink That Burns Fat Without Cardio

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Scientists at Nestlé think they have found the nutrition world's Holy Grail.

Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

The same people who brought the world Kit Kat bars are now working on developing a drinkable, cardio workout in a can. According to Bloomberg, the scientists at Nestlé's Institute of Health Sciences in Switzerland believe they can make every couch potato's dream a reality: A team of eight scientists have found a compound called C13 that can stimulate an enzyme that regulates metabolism. If they can convince the FDA to approve it, the drink would reportedly give the consumer the same effects of running or biking but with a less strenuous exercise like walking.

The scientists are currently looking for natural substances like fruit and plant extracts that trigger C13 and taste good. They hope that this discovery will help them create a nutritional product that can help people who have "limited mobility" like those who are old or have diabetes.

The product, however, is years away from hitting shelves and there is much work to be done before it comes to fruition, including clinical trials. Until then, the healthy food- and workout-averse can stick to using a fancy fork to make their broccoli taste like chocolate.

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