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Watch State Senator Barack Obama Review a Creole Restaurant on Public Access in 2001

Before he was President, Barack Obama was an amateur food critic.

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Redditors recently found a video of 40-year-old Barack Obama reviewing a restaurant called Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop in his Hyde Park, Chicago neighborhood. In the clip, State Senator Obama recommends Dixie Kitchen based on its "liberal portions" and good value. He ordered the Southern Sampler because, according to him, "I couldn't make up my mind."

Obama's parting words: "Restaurateurs who are out there, I just want to let you know if you give good value and you're not too expensive that in fact you can do some good business out on the South Side of Chicago."

Unfortunately, not even a call-to-action from the future President of the United States was able to keep business booming for this South Side business. The Hyde Park location of Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop has since shuttered.

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