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Aubrey Plaza's Basketball Team Filmed a Fake Burger King Commercial From 1996

Parks and Recreation actress Aubrey Plaza moonlights as a semi-pro athlete on a women's intramural basketball team called The Pistol Shrimps. Recently, Plaza and her team took a break from layups and alley-oops to film a faithful homage to Burger King commercials from the mid-nineties.

The spot advertises a limited-time Pistol Shrimps Value Meal promotion, which includes the opportunity to eat a Whopper Jr., a Triple Whopper, 20 — no fuck it, 30 — Angus Chicken Nuggets, and a side of fries for just $0.99. Plus, Pistol Shrimps fanatics can enter for a chance to win a private screening of Space Jam with his or her favorite Shrimp.

[via A.V. Club]

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