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Slap Happy TGI Fridays Introduces Mistletoe Drones to Encourage Kissing in the UK

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Smells like an order of Jack Daniels' glazed ribs with a side of lawsuit.

TGI Fridays

Want a kiss with that skillet of sizzling fajitas? TGI Fridays' UK division today announced plans to release the drones — mistletoe-carrying drones, that is. The company plans to fly robotic drones carrying small bundles of mistletoe — that symbol of Christmastime romance  — around the dining rooms of select restaurants. The drones will suggestively hover over tables and between couples. They are part of a marketing campaign the company is calling #Togethermas.

Citing a statistic that says nearly half of all Britons have never kissed under mistletoe, TGI Fridays is bravely attempting to encourage the tradition and get more people to participate in PDA. The Daily Mail spoke with marketing manager Rachel Waller who noted: "Everyone loves a good Christmas party, but we all know things can be a bit awkward until someone breaks the ice." So, unlimited appetizers aren't enough? What about those small plates, which are perfect for sharing?

More importantly: What happens when you're sitting at the table next to your boss and the drone hovers overhead? TGI Fridays cites another statistic to convince any doubters: "63 per cent of those working in hospitality said they would kiss a colleague, with the property industry coming a close second at 62 percent and those in the media not far behind at 56 per cent." So that other 40-odd percent might just want to avoid the chain for the next couple of months — or at least until the drones fly away.

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