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Watch Mario Batali Teach Jimmy Fallon and Brooke Shields to Make Chicken Saltimbocca

They make cocktails, too.

Chef and restaurateur Mario Batali stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his New York City restaurant Lupa. The orange Crocs-wearing chef donned a matching orange scrunchie as he taught host Jimmy Fallon and actress Brooke Shields to make chicken saltimbocca.

Before making the chicken, the trio whip up a cocktail that involves muddling. This turns out to be quite the process: Batali manages to get lemon juice in his eye and Fallon fails at the task altogether. They then move on to preparing the saltimbocca — which involves thin pieces of chicken — causing Fallon to slyly ask Batali, "Do you want me to pound my meat?"

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