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Restaurant Bans Diner for Sending Back Food Too Frequently

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She admits she sends her meals back to the kitchen "90 percent of the time."

Frankie & Benny's/Facebook

A diner in the United Kingdom was (briefly) banned from her favorite neighborhood spot — which she frequented as many as three times per week — for sending back her food "90 percent of the time." The Daily Mail reports the Aldershot location of the Frankie & Benny's Italian chain refused to serve 34-year-old regular Kerry Prior, who admits she nearly always finds faults in its dishes, sending them back to the kitchen nine out of 10 times. "I know I am fussy but I'm never rude and if I send it back it always comes back fine," Prior told the paper. "The food should be of a certain standard."

Prior says she and two friends visited the restaurant for a recent breakfast, and were informed by a supervisor that the chef "is refusing to cook for you because you always send the food back." The manager then offered Prior and her two guests vouchers for complimentary meals, redeemable at other Frankie & Benny's locations. A corporate spokesperson apologized for the incident, saying they "do not condone" the situation and that "our intention is always to cook food for the customer's satisfaction." In a statement, they note Prior has been "unbanned" from the restaurant; Prior does not say if she plans to do so.

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