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Man Arrested After Asking Cop for a Ride to Burger King

Moral of the story: Don't be in possession of marijuana when asking a cop for a favor.


This is the tale of one man and his failed quest to get Burger King. According to NJ Advance, 27-year-old Richard Vanhouten Jr. got into an argument with a taxi driver over the weekend and a cop was called to the scene. After the cop had settled the argument, Vanhouten Jr. asked him for a ride to the Burger King on the other side of town. Perhaps only a mountain of Whoppers could soothe him after the verbal altercation.

The cop agreed to give him a courtesy ride but told Vanhouten that he needed to "perform a pat-down before allowing him in the patrol car." It was then that the officer found Vanhouten Jr. to be in possession of marijuana. The cop still gave him a ride, just this time it was to jail. Someone, please buy this man some chicken fries.

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