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Watch Jason Sudeikis and David Letterman Bond Over Their Love for Taco Bell

"I could eat a thousand tacos." — David Letterman

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Actor Jason Sudeikis stopped by The Late Show last night and told host David Letterman a story about the day his son was born. While his wife was at the hospital waiting to go into labor, Sudeikis decided to go to Taco Bell to get dinner because what else do you do when you're about to "be a dad?" Letterman — a known Taco Bell fan — and Sudeikis bond over their love for the fast food chain with Letterman revealing that he "could eat a thousand [Taco Bell] tacos."

Sudeikis reveals that post-Taco Bell he asked himself: "What would a dad from the 1950s do?" So naturally, he then stopped at a bar in Manhattan's Upper East Side and downed two shots before making it back to the hospital just in time for his wife to go into labor.