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Michael Symon's Barbecue Restaurant is Delayed Until Spring

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Symon was originally hoping to open his barbecue concept this fall.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Michael Symon is still planning to open a barbecue restaurant in Cleveland, but it's taking a little longer than initially anticipated. Originally planned for a fall debut, the celebrity chef hopes to open Mabel's BBQ this spring, according to

During his first appearance at this year's Fabulous Food Show, Symon fielded a question about the opening of Mabel's, which was originally anticipated for later this fall.

"It will open in the spring," Symon confirmed. "We are working very hard."

Symon has said Mabel's will be "Cleveland-style barbecue restaurant" located next door to his Lola Bistro. It will seat 100, offering menu items like smoked chicken wings, crispy pig ears, and applewood-smoked barbecue topped with a mustard-based sauce. Along with craft beer and whiskey, the bar will pour moonshine.

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