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Gutsy Entrepreneurs Are Selling a Soylent Knock-Off Called 'Schmoylent'

The latest from the "replacement food powder" game.

Screengrab/The Verge

Enthusiasts of "replacement food powder" have a new brand to hoard: Valleywag reports that a couple of entrepreneurs in California are now selling a Soylent copycat delightfully called "Schmoylent." The founder of the brand, called Custom Body Fuel, writes on his site that he was inspired to create a Soylent knock-off after frenzied demand for the non-food held up his own coveted shipment. "In March of 2014 I got tired of waiting for my Soylent to arrive and started experimenting with my own homemade soylent," he writes.

The Custom Body Fuel site sells Schmoylent — which is made of rice protein, oat flour, "natural vanilla flavor," and Stevia — in one-day, one-week, and multi-week supplies. There's also a gluten-free option called "Schmoylent Clean" (using gluten-free oat flour), plus other snacks with names like "People Fuel Plain" and "Ax Fuel." The original branded Soylent currently takes between two to three months to ship for new customers. Schmoylent, however, can arrive on your powder-seeking doorstep in as few as one to three weeks to immediately kick-start your "excruciating journey."

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