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Arrests Made After Couple Falls Asleep at a Golden Corral

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The police saved the man's life "by waking him up so he didn't inhale food and choke."

No napping allowed.
No napping allowed.
Golden Corral/Facebook

If you enjoy food coma naps post a large meal, it's probably best to avoid Golden Corral locations. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a couple was arrested after falling asleep at a location of the buffet chain in Georgia. Local police officers were called to the restaurant late Wednesday on a "report of suspicious activity." Turns out that suspicious activity — or lack thereof —  was the couple deep asleep in the middle of the Golden Corral.

The man was sleeping "face down in a plate of food." The police noted in a Facebook post that an "officer saved the man's life by waking him up so he didn't inhale food and choke." While the man was eventually released, the woman was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Perhaps it was best the couple fell asleep and couldn't finish their meals, given the chain's earlier troubles.

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