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Olive Garden Turns to Social Media for its Newest Menu Item

Diners can vote on which pasta sampler makes the cut.

Olive Garden/Facebook

Apparently shoving hummus and kale and unlimited bowls of pasta down the throats of America hasn't quite been working out for Olive GardenAccording to a press release, the chain is now turning to crowdsourcing for its next new menu item. Parties interested in pasta cooked in unsalted water can cast their vote — via Twitter, Instagram, or the official website — to support a "Northern Tour of Italy" or a "Southern Tour of Italy" which are really just pasta sampler plates. The Northern tour features a myriad of creamy sauces while the Southern tour features spicier items. The winner will get a coveted permanent spot on Olive Garden's prestigious menu.

Olive Garden follows in the footsteps of McDonald's Australia which turned to Facebook to crowdsource two burgers earlier this year. Not only were the ingredients voted on, but the names — McMate Angus Beef and McMate Crispy Chicken — were crowdsourced as well.

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