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Watch Christopher Kostow and Chris Ying Discuss New Napa Cuisine

... and why some Michelin-starred food tastes "like shit."

Chef Christopher Kostow, of California's three-Michelin-starred Restaurant at Meadowood, stops by Talks at Google to chat with Lucky Peach editor Chris Ying about his book, A New Napa Cuisine. In the nearly 40-minute chat, Kostow talks about crafting his own definition of "Napa cuisine," how to translate the idea of hyper-terroir to other regions, and how Meadowood plays into the traditions of the destination restaurant. "You want it to be a deliberate act [on the part of the diner]," Kostow says. "I think that enables one, as a chef, a lot more freedom in determining what they do... There's this transformative separation that happens."

Kostow also talks about how taste comes first in his kitchen, which isn't always the case at Michelin-starred restaurant. "When you eat at a lot of these restaurants, they're on certain lists and are these well-known places, you'll have dishes that taste like shit. You have dishes that don't taste good," he says. "And that's the thing we have to wrestle with; everything has to taste good. We're trying to be the tip of the sword in terms of pushing things forward, in terms of being a little cutting edge. But the end result can't be a failure." Go, watch the full conversation above.

The Restaurant at Meadowood

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