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Quay Chef to Open His Second Restaurant Inside the Sydney Opera House

Chef Peter Gilmore will take over the iconic Bennelong restaurant.

Kyle Taylor/Flickr

Peter Gilmore, the chef of Sydney's celebrated restaurant Quay, has been tapped to open a high-profile second restaurant: Australia's Daily Telegraph reports Gilmore and the Fink Restaurant Group, which also operates Quay, will take over the iconic Bennelong Restaurant space inside the Sydney Opera House. The landmark restaurant had been run by French-born chef Guillaume Brahimi since 2001; Brahimi left the Guillaume at Bennelong space at the end of 2013 after declining to renew his lease. According to the Telegraph, Gilmore and Fink plan to revamp the space, creating separate sections for a restaurant, lounge, and bar all featuring "produce-driven" dishes.

The Sydney Opera House sits on the opposite shore from where Quay is located; the two are separated by the Sydney Cove. Quay was once listed on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, but dropped off this year (to #60). No opening date has been set.