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Three People on Trial for Eating and Selling Human Flesh Pastries

They sold the pastries to their unsuspecting neighbors.

The empadas had some extra protein.
The empadas had some extra protein.

Three people are now on trial in Brazil for killing at least two women and eating them. According to the Washington Post, a man, his wife, and his mistress (who lived with the couple) were arrested in 2012 for allegedly luring women to their house by promising them nanny positions. After killing their victims, the trio then ate "parts" of the bodies. They used the rest of the flesh to make thick empada-like pastries which the trio — and a child who lived with them — ate. They also sold many of the pastries to neighbors.

Last month an Australian chef was also caught engaging in cannibalistic acts. The 27-year-old killed his girlfriend, dismembered her, and cooked parts of her body before running from police and taking his own life.

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