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McDonald’s Almost Included Bubble Gum-Flavored Broccoli in Happy Meals

Luckily, they soon realized no one actually wants to eat that.


McDonald's has some really bad ideas when it comes to convincing kids to healthier. Case in point: The chain's bright idea to create bubble gum-flavored broccoli. According to Business Insider, McDonald's CEO Don Thompson revealed during an event last night that alongside reducing french fry serving sizes and introducing milk, the chain also engineered the broccoli to make kids meals more nutritious.

Not surprisingly, they the candy-flavored cruciferous didn't exactly taste good. In the worlds of Thompson, "It wasn't all that." Turns out kids were quite "confused" by the taste resulting in the idea being a total failure. Other awful ideas McDonald's has recently had? Not-really-chorizo chorizo burritos.