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America's Fervor for 15-Cent Chicken Nuggets Kills Burger King Deal

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BK's super-cheap nuggets have gone extinct.

Goodbye 15-cent nuggets, we hardly knew ye.
Goodbye 15-cent nuggets, we hardly knew ye.
Burger King/Facebook

Americans apparently love bargain-priced chicken nuggets a little too dearly: Burger King is ending its 10-for-$1.49 chicken nugget promotion after just five weeks due to lack of supplies, Bloomberg reports. Time to start digging in those couch cushions and get to BK, because the chain "plans to revert to the old $2.99 price at the end of this week." In place of the super-cheap nugget deal, Burger King is now touting its new four-cheese Whopper, which looks vaguely like someone dragged a burger through the leftovers in their refrigerator's cheese drawer.

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