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Cooking Channel Gives Chef Aarón Sanchez a Show About Tacos

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It's called Taco Trip and it premieres December 16.

Aarón Sanchez/Facebook

Chef Aarón Sanchez is starring in a new Cooking Channel series called Taco Trip. A press release confirms rumors and reveals that the six-episode series will explore "the Latin side of U.S. cities." In each city he will scope out the local taco scene and talk to "chefs, families, and locals who help define" the city's "culinary landscape." While it is to be expected that Sanchez will probably encounter some classic dishes like carnitas during his travels, the release promises that Sanchez will also eat "unexpected" dishes like poutine-style nachos.

The premiere episode will follow Sanchez as he visits Chicago which has America's "fifth largest Hispanic community." There he will eat chicharrón, fish tacos, and chorizo chili cheese curds. He will then travel to New Orleans, Portland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Nashville.

It's a busy year for Sanchez who just opened a new taqueria project called Johnny Sanchez with fellow chef/hair model John Besh. So far the duo has opened two locations of the restaurant: One in Baltimore and the other in New Orleans. Sanchez also recently opened Paloma in Stamford, Connecticut. Taco Trip premieres on December 16 at 9:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. PT.