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In the Future Washing Lettuce Will Become Obsolete

Toshiba has developed a high-tech method for growing greens that don't need to be washed.

In the future, washing lettuce may be totally unnecessary.
In the future, washing lettuce may be totally unnecessary.

Japanese tech giant Toshiba wants to make sure you never have to wash lettuce again. The company best known for laptops and TVs is moving into a new sector: indoor agriculture. Quartz reports that inside the company's Yokosuka, Japan facility it's currently growing an assortment of lettuces and various greens inside "clean rooms," sterile indoor environments where "everything is tightly controlled, including air pressure, temperature, lighting, bacteria, and dust." Workers wear special white hazmat-looking suits and the entire operation is controlled via tablets, resulting in "a crop that doesn’t need pesticides, doesn’t have bugs, and doesn’t need washing."

In addition to providing Japan with millions of heads of lettuce per year, Toshiba is also aiming to sell this technology to other countries — "places like Russia and the Middle East, where outdoor farming is tricky." Perhaps fast food giants could also make good use of no-washing-needed greens, although even high-tech lettuce won't save them from employees stomping all over it.

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