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KFC's New Coffee Shop Will Sell Cheesecake and Fried Chicken

There will also be ice cream-topped pancakes and toast.

KFC Japan

Fried chicken chains appear to be the new coffee hot spots: First, Chick-fil-A began slinging "socially responsible" beans and now, KFC Japan is opening a coffee shop. According to a press release (translated), the shop, called the Colonel's Cafe, will open in Kobe, Japan. The space is meant to be "relaxing" and will swap out KFC's typical decor for chic potted plants and wooden tables.

Kotaku notes that the menu will feature drinks like French press coffee and an assortment of teas. To eat, the shop will sell "thick pancakes" topped with ice cream, alongside coffee jelly, shortcakes, and even New York-style cheesecake. There will also be slices of toast for 200 Yen ($1.73 USD).

Most incredibly, the Colonel's Cafe will also sell KFC's full regular menu, value combo meals and all. The real question is, will it have chicken-flavored coffee or even better, coffee-flavored chicken? The world will soon find out when the Colonel's Cafe opens November 28.

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