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Watch Vice Munchies Eat Its Way Through Tehran's Grand Bazaar

Kebabs, rose candy, tahchin, and other traditional foods from the Iranian capital.

The latest video from Vice food vertical Munchies takes on the bustling street food scene in the Iranian city of Tehran. They explore the lushly decorated traditional tea houses, sample dried rose-encrusted candy amongst the bountiful food offerings at the city's famed Grand Bazaar, feast on caviar ("the jewel of the Caspian Sea"), and visit a restaurant that's famed for its tahchin— a traditional Iranian rice cake dish made with yogurt and saffron — serving upwards of 4,000 customers a day.

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown also recently explored the mysterious city that's not often visited by Americans, inviting some criticism from viewers who felt he shouldn't be filming in a country oft publicized for the harsh actions of its government. Some time after Bourdain's Iranian visit, two of his on-screen guides were imprisoned on suspicious of espionage.

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