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Pizza Hut New Zealand Is Now Selling Burrito and Quesadilla Pizzas

And putting something called "burrito sauce" on everything.

Pizza Hut New Zealand

Pizza Hut New Zealand is attempting to reinvent "Mexican pizza," but instead has launched a line of strange fusion-y disasters. According to Brand Eating, the chain is now selling their "Mexican Flavor Fiesta" menu, which features Mexican-ish toppings dumped on a regular pizza.

The Burrito Pizza features "mild chili beans," an ominous sounding "burrito sauce," bell peppers, and mozzarella. The Ultimate Mexican Pizza features basically all the aforementioned ingredients — including that tasty, tasty burrito sauce — plus tortilla chips, which apparently makes it "ultimate." Perhaps Pizza Hut's bravest new innovation is the Quesadilla Pizza, which is quite literally two pizza crusts with beef, onions, mozzarella, chili flakes, and MORE burrito sauce between them.

Meanwhile, stateside, Pizza Hut recently announced that it is upgrading its entire branddousing everything with a honey Sriracha sauce. Pizza Hut hopes that a new flatter logo, hip new uniforms, and a giant new menu featuring 10 new speciality pizzas and crust flavors (not to mention fancy sauces, drizzles, and revolutionary toppings like fresh spinach) will make it cool again.

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