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Real American Hero Eats $1,840 Worth of Olive Garden in Seven Weeks

There is nothing more patriotic than gorging on chicken alfredo for nearly two months straight.

Olive Garden

There are many words that can describe Alan Martin, but "carb-fearing" is not one of them. The minister from North Carolina managed to eat $1,840 worth of Olive Garden pasta in just seven weeks. Salon notes that Martin did so to take full advantage of the chain's Never Ending Pasta Pass promotion, which gave 1,000 brave souls unlimited bowls of noodles for just $100. Overall, Martin managed to receive $1,740 worth of free food.

So how did Martin achieve such glory? He knocked back bowls of pasta — especially the chicken gnocchi soup — at Olive Garden twice a day. All-in-all, he managed to eat 115 meals of pasta and breadsticks. Martin believes it was worth it for the encouragement he received alone. The four pounds he somehow lost during the process probably didn't hurt either.