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Domino's Customer Never Intended to Get Angry Manager Fired

"I just wanted his supervisor to know that you need to talk to customers nicely."


A customer who got into a verbal altercation with the manager of a Michigan Domino's restaurant over the type of sauce on her pizza order claims she never intended to get the employee firedAccording to WNEM, Brandi Averill ordered a pizza last week with white sauce but instead received a pie with light sauce.

After both Averill and her son were hung up on while calling to complain, she decided to stop by the Domino's location. A video of the incident shows general manager Chris Bernier telling Averill that "My supervisor's name is 'Go Fuck Yourself,'" when she asked to speak with his boss. The incident escalated from there. Bernier was fired on Monday in response to fight.

Averill tells WNEM that she wasn't "completely innocent in the incident," adding that she didn't want to "get him fired" and only wanted "his supervisor to know that you need to talk to customers nicely." Bernier on his part doesn't appear very apologetic: While he regrets the language he used, he claims that if people "could see everything that happened...they would not be sympathetic" towards Averill. Domino's released a statement apologizing for "how poorly this reflects on our local stores."

Perhaps Averill should order all future Domino's pizzas via the chain's app — which also involves no human interaction — so as to make it impossible to confuse light sauce with white sauce. See the video of the altercation below: