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Starbucks Is Selling a $110 Swarovski Bejeweled Coffee Tumbler

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They are also selling a $50 bedazzled ornament.

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Starbucks is aiming to solve the major world problem of boring, inexpensive coffee mugs. According to Brand Eating, the coffee giant has released a limited-edition gold-colored stainless steel tumbler decked out with a band of Swarovski crystals, because why not. It costs $109.95 but it comes in a fancy wood box with a fancy sliding lid, so it's a total bargain. The description on Starbucks' website sternly that these upscale tumblers cannot be microwaved. Don't try to put it in the dishwasher either: This royal throne for your morning Pumpkin Spice Latte can only be hand washed.

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The coffee giant is also selling a slightly more affordable Swarovski tumbler that features just a circle of crystals, instead of a full band. The 30th anniversary cup — which retails for $99.95 — also comes with a pound of coffee beans. Tragically, you'll have to provide your own fancy wooden box with fancy sliding lid.

If you thought that's where Starbucks offerings Swarovski offerings stop, you've drastically underestimated the chain. For $49.95, interested parties can purchase a limited-edition bejeweled ceramic ornament, shaped like a Starbucks tumbler obviously.

So is the $110 mug worth its money? A self-proclaimed Starbucks enthusiast had this to say:

This tumbler sounds like it will function well, but I am very disappointed in the aesthetics. I am usually a die-hard fan of anything "exclusive" and "rare" from Starbucks, & I eagerly await each season for Starbucks to come out with a desirable new offering, especially "limited edition." This appears to be a stainless steel tumbler covered in gold paint, encircled with maybe 10 rows of Swarovski crystals. The crystals may look quite stunning close up, in the right lighting, but it just comes across looking very cheap and gaudy. For $110, I think the design could have showcased more artistry and elegance. Instead, it looks like a craft project