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Red Robin Boldly Unveils Red Wine Milkshakes

It comes with a wine charm.

Red Robin

Red Robin can't stop and won't stop making wine-infused milkshakes. According to a press release, the burger chain/Cronut counterfeiters have added a red wine milkshake to the menu. Called the Divalicious® Red Wine Shake, it features the ridiculously named Little Black Dress® Divalicious® Red Wine and whipped cream-flavored vodka, blended with raspberry purée and vanilla soft serve ice cream.

And just in case collecting wine charms from burger restaurants is a passion of yours, you are in luck: The milkshake comes with one shaped like a little black dress. Apparently it's perfect for customers who just really need "some 'me' time."

Red Robin has a history of creating questionable milkshake combinations: Earlier this year, the chain unveiled its Mango Moscato Shake. It tragically did not come with a wine charm.