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You Can Now Buy a Hand-Held Broiler, the Searzall, on Amazon

Previously it was only available through a Kickstarter campaign.

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Ben Addonizio

It is now possible to get a Searzall without having to do some twisted Kickstarter time machine kung fu. Cocktail wizard Dave Arnold (Booker and Dax, New York City) is selling a limited number of his blowtorch attachment on Amazon. The Searzall — which is essentially a hand-held broiler — attaches to a blowtorch and forces the flame to spread evenly to "create a high quality finish." It is the first retail product from Arnold, who told Eater in 2011 that he was developing a "slew of new cooking devices" with backing from Momofuku empire builder and chef David Chang.

Previously, only those who helped fund Arnold's Kickstarter campaign for the Searzall were able to get their hands on the device. Now, a limited number of the tool can be purchased on Amazon for $75. As one Amazon review puts it, the Searzall "is the hot new item in the culinary world," so you might want to buy one quick.