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Massive expired meat scandals are only one of McDonald's Japan's problems: The chain is also having a hard time holding on to its workforce. Earlier this year, a Chinese supplier sold McDonald's Japan old meat for use in its chicken nuggets. To lure customers back in and to ease their fears, the chain launched meat-free Tofu McNuggets and even gave poultry product away for free.

But it's not just the customers that McDonald's Japan has had to worry about: According to Live Door News (translated), employees are leaving the company left and right. Thanks to the company's struggling financials — revenue this summer was down nearly 20 percent — employees are looking for work elsewhere.

Rocket News notes that McDonald's Japan's workers are "highly coveted" by other restaurants due to the large amount of job training they receive. Apparently in some cases, a veteran McDonald's employee can command as much as 3,000 Yen ($26.50 USD) per hour at other chains. Now, McDonald's Japan is facing a shortage of employees experienced enough to train new hires.

McDonald's is having a tough time in other parts to the world, too. In America, the chain is experiencing its largest sales slump in a decade. Perhaps because of this, the company has been introducing strange items like not-really-chorizo chorizo burritos in an effort to boost revenue. McDonald's fight against the Russian government continues: Thanks to political tension between America and Russia, Putin's watchdog-like government announced plans to inspect over 200 McDonald's locations in Russia. The Russian government has so far shuttered nine McDonald's Russia outlets.

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