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Guy Fieri Suddenly Axes Johnny Garlic's Location in Sacramento

Employees were given no warning and now dozens are out of work.


Pour out a kraft cocktail: A Sacramento, Calif. location of kool kulinary dude Guy Fieri's chain Johnny Garlic's has suddenly shuttered and has served its last plates of "Off Da Hook' Seafood" and "'Primetime' Poultry." According to CBS, the location went out of business on Monday and left dozens of employees out of work. One employee tells CBS that there was "no warning" and that he suddenly got a phone call that said "today's your last day." Other employees also repeated similar stories of shock and disappointment.

Johnny Garlic's chief operating officer Bruce Marano explains that the location shuttered because it "no longer fits in" with the company's vision: "Our real estate site selection has evolved into big box, theaters, things of that nature." Since the lease was expiring, the chain decided against renewing the space.

Marano notes that employees will "have the opportunity to transfer" to a nearby location of Johnny Garlic's but that "there won't be enough spots for everyone. Hopefully, the remaining employees will be able to sling donkey sauce, Guy-talian Fondue, and other innovative kulinary kreations at one of Fieri's many other restaurants.

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