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Chick-fil-A Manager Bans 'Unprofessional' Teen Slang

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Banned words include "bae," "turn up," and "ratchet."


Eric, the manager of a Chick-fil-A is allegedly feeling extra "salty" about the slang his millennial employees have been dropping. According to a post on Reddit, management at an undisclosed location of the chain will not tolerate any talk of an employee's "bae" or or their attempts to "turn up" when making chicken and waffles and "speciality grade" coffee. Other terms not to be uttered include "cuz" regardless of whether they are referring to their cousin or using it in place of "because," "ratchet," and "3Hunnid."

The manager sternly explains his banned word list at the bottom of the note:"You are a professional so speak professionally." He isn't joking around: One employee attempted to scratch out a banned term. Eric responded with a threatening hand-written note stating that staff will lose their employee meals if they scratch words out.

Gawker points out that even if is this just a hoax, the person behind it has "captured the poetry of an aggrieved fast food manager perfectly." Eater has reached out to Chick-fil-A for comment, but until then, someone needs to tell Eric to chill cuz it will all be okay. See the list below:

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