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Generous Couple Buys Beer for Kitchen, Tips Server $1,500

They also tried to tip the chef $20.


Here now, some feel good food news: A generous couple left the server of a restaurant in Naples, Florida a $1,500 tip. According to the Naples Daily News, the unidentified couple dined at Pazzo! restaurant last week during a busy dinner rush. They told their waiter — 35-year-old Carlos Perez — that they understood he was slammed. They then asked him to bring them a bottle of one of the most expensive wines on the menu when he had the chance.

When the couple ordered, one wanted veal marsala, an item not listed on the menu. The couple then asked Perez to take a $20 bill to the chef "and ask him to help," but the chef whipped up the dish without accepting the money. As a thank you, the couple then ordered a two cases, or four dozen beers, for the kitchen.

Their generosity did not stop there however. When the couple found out that Perez worked two jobs and needed money to repair his car, the man told him, "‘Don't worry about it, Carlos. You're going to fix your car tomorrow. I'm going to get you a $1,500 tip." When Perez tried to refuse the tip, the woman told him, "You deserve this; don't think twice about it."

Although that merry band of megatippers TipsForJesus has been quiet for a few months, others have adopted their philosophy: Last week, a woman in Colorado tipped a server $1,000 on a $15 check. See the local news story below:

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