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Watch Chef Pierre Koffman Explain Cooking at MAD4 by... Cooking

He makes an omelette, cleans artichokes, and skins pigs' trotters.

French chef Pierre Koffmann made an appearance the MAD 4 conference in Copenhagen this year to answer the question "What is cooking?" by demonstrating how to make three stellar dishes. Koffmann — who is considered to be a pioneer "in celebrating offal cookery" — has served as a mentor to famed chefs like Maro Pierre White, Marcus Wareing, and Gordon Ramsay.

The chef reveals on stage that when he was first asked to demo at the MAD 4 conference he warned that he would not be using "worms or ants": "That's not my type of cooking...I put some truffles if you want." Truffles, however, turned out to be too expensive. Instead he teaches the crowd to make a simple but elegant omelette during which he emphasizes the importance of seasoning: "The difference between good food and bad food is a pinch of salt." Koffmann also shows the crowd how to skin pig trotters like a pro, and that it is possible to clean an artichoke in 20 seconds. Go, watch the videos below:

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