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Pitcher Jake Peavy to Turn SF Cable Car into Bar

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There's no better way to celebrate a World Series win.

Al Bello

San Francisco Giants' pitcher Jake Peavy has plans to turn one of the city's famous cable cars into a bar. Peavy hinted back in October that if the Giants won the World Series he would commemorate the win by purchasing a cable car. According to TMZ, Peavy is currently in the process of looking for the perfect one.

Luke Peavy — Jake's brother — tells the gossip site that the bar is a "work in progress" but that they have the plans figured out. Once purchased, the brothers will ship the cable car to Alabama where the family owns a 5,000 acre estate. Once on the estate, the cable car will be converted into a "mobile bar."

San Francisco Giants' fans may be scratching their head at this last bit of information. Why would Peavy steal the bar car away to Alabama? So much for sharing his World Series celebration with the city.

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