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Alton Brown Got Into Food to Woo the Ladies

Plus, why Good Eats will never return.

Cuttthroat Kitchen host/bow tie lover Alton Brown sat down with television host Larry King on his new Ora TV show Larry King Now to discuss his upcoming live show — Alton Brown Live! The Edible Inevitable — and so much more. Brown explains how he got into food in the first place: "Me and food started getting together in college when I found that I could not get girls to go out with me if I asked them out to dinner, but if I offered to cook for them, they were curious." He then goes on to reveal that he is exceptionally skilled at preparing proteins ("I am a very good cooker of meat") above all else. Brown goes on to explain why his popular Food Network show Good Eats ended: "I was tired...We did between 300-600 pages of research for each episode." Go, watch to see why Brown will never call himself a chef.