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The Red Bull Settlement Is Dead

Yesterday, news broke that Red Bull would be giving away $13 million. Inevitably, the internet couldn't handle it.


When news broke yesterday of Red Bull's approved $13 million settlement, both fans and haters jumped at the chance to profit. The brand trended on social media all night, and energy drinkers lined up to claim their slice of the multi-million dollar pie. Unsurprisingly, Red Bull's settlement page couldn't handle the traffic. After defaulting to a 404 page last night, it is now a completely useless host page.

Time magazine figured out why: Not only did fans misunderstand the terms of the settlement, but so many of them registered a claim that the previously announced estimated payback has dwindled. The settlement stated that anyone who drank Red Bull in the past 12 years was entitled to a piece of the $13 million. Early estimates put that number at $10 to $15 per person — depending upon how many people claimed to be a Red Bull drinker. That estimate was very conservative. Over 2 million people have submitted a claim, which means "a new settlement value of slightly under $3 a person — or about the retail price of a 12-ounce can of the stuff" is what claimants are expected to receive.

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