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Jeff Scott's New Chef Photography Book Features Crenn, Skenes, Chang, More

Notes From a Kitchen Volume 3 Part 1 is full of photography of chefs from all over the country.

Fans of chef-driven coffee table books, gather round: photographer Jeff Scott has just released the third volume of his Notes From a Kitchen series, and the thing is like 11 chef books in one. Scott photographed chefs including Dominique Crenn, Joshua Skenes, Alex Stupak, Vinny Dotolo, and David Chang documentary style, tracking their creative process. (The Chang section is largely shot in the Momofuku test kitchen, for example.)

The photographs are overlaid with quotes from Scott's interviews with the chefs, as well as quotes from the titular kitchen notebooks, all focusing on where culinary creativity comes from. The book perhaps idolizes chefs a bit, but makes up for it by being chock full of gorgeous photography. Stay tuned for Volume 3 Part 2, or check out the first two volumes.

Notes From a Kitchen Volume 3 Part 1 is out now (order through Scott's website).