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Here's The New York Times Magazine's Fall Food Issue

Candy, kids, cooking, and more.


This weekend, the New York Times releases its second food issue of the year, this one dedicated to kids. Like an elegant back-to-school special, the issue tackles everything from politics to popular culture.

The headlining photo essay takes an in-depth look at what children around the world eat for breakfast — from porridge to cornmeal fritters to chocolate toast to hummus. Then see how Mark Bittman would get a kid to taste something new. Apparently, some people just hate making dinner, and family-focused cookbooks might be the reason. Finally, learn how school lunch became the latest political battleground. The best part of the new issue may be the fantastic set of gummy bear gifs by artist Christoph Niemann. Have a look:

· Rise and Shine by Malia Wollan
· The Gummy Bear Chronicles by Christoph Niemann
· What if You Just Hate Making Dinner? by Virginia Heffernan
· Getting Your Kids to Eat (or at Least Try) Everything by Mark Bittman
· How School Lunch Became the Latest Political Battleground by Nicholas Confessore

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